Cholo Writing ~ ITW with François Chastanet ~

Cholo writing is the style of graffiti used by Mexican gangs in Los Angeles. Unlike its bulbous comic counterpart on the East Coast, Cholo has roots in curiously formal calligraphic and black letter traditions. This unique typographic language has been documented in a new book, Cholo Writing: Latino Gang Graffiti in Los Angeles (Dokument Press), by François… Lire la suite Cholo Writing ~ ITW with François Chastanet ~

StreetBall 1993 ~ VeniceBeach ~

Typical beach on the west coast, birds in the sky, dancers in skates, gym & cycling... 1993, Venice Beach, L.A ! ^_^  

Liz Kuball_California vernacular

 When you move out to California from back east, you come for a reason: You’re leaving behind a bad relationship, or escaping your hometown, or thinking you’ll be a star. And what you find when you get here is that things aren’t what you thought they’d be. There’s some of what you expected—sunshine and palm… Lire la suite Liz Kuball_California vernacular