King’ Cross 2008 ~ Sayf ~

King' Cross by Sayf. 2008. King' Cross, London, UK, 2008.

Makkah Clock Royal Tower

The world’s tallest hotel. The  577-meter high Makkah Clock Royal Tower, scheduled to open in the third quarter of 2010, will become the world’s tallest hotel, Fairmont Hotels and Resorts Group said early this week. The opening of the hotel will replace Rotana’s newly opened 333-meter tall Rose Rayhaan in Dubai for the world’s title. The… Lire la suite Makkah Clock Royal Tower

Measuring Type_Garamond Rules !

Matt Robinson and Tom Wrigglesworth, two designers from London worked together on a project to measure the ink usage efficiency of common typefaces. They used ballpoint pens to write out large scale fonts and then let the remaining ink demonstrate the efficiency of that typeface. A selection of the most commonly used typefaces were compared… Lire la suite Measuring Type_Garamond Rules !

Working time needed to buy a Big mac

How many minutes to earn the price of a Big Mac ? The size of your pay packet may be important, but so is its purchasing power. Helpfully, a UBS report published this week offers a handy guide to how long it takes a worker on the average net wage to earn the price of… Lire la suite Working time needed to buy a Big mac