The Day We Fight Back

TODAY, FEBRUARY 11TH, 2014 THE DAY WE FIGHT BACK AGAINST MASS SURVEILLANCE ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DEAR USERS OF THE INTERNET, In January 2012 we defeated the SOPA and PIPA censorship legislation with the largest Internet protest in history. Today we face another critical threat, one that again undermines the Internet and the notion that any of us… Lire la suite The Day We Fight Back


Soutenez la Quadrature du Net

Durant ces cinq dernières années, La Quadrature du Net a alerté et fait campagne contre ACTA. À présent, il est essentiel de rester mobilisés, afin de mettre un terme à l'escalade répressive imposant des dispositifs qui mettent à mal Internet et les libertés fondamentales.

Do you know who’s watching you ?

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Wi-Fi via White Spaces

A network design that uses old TV spectrum could produce better long-range wireless connectivity. Long-range, low-cost wireless Internet could soon be delivered using radio spectrum once reserved for use by TV stations. The blueprints for a computer network that uses "white spaces," which are empty fragments of the spectrum scattered between used frequencies, will be… Lire la suite Wi-Fi via White Spaces