MILITARIZED ARCHITECTURES ~ The American Geography of Incarceration ~

~ Via The Funambulist ~ Prison Map is a project developed by Josh Begley, a graduate student studying Interactive Telecommunications at New York University. Thanks a small script and geo-coordinates, he obtained a google earth snapshot of each of the 4,916 incarceration facilities in the United States. Let’s recall here that a bit less than 2.5 millions people are living in prison… Lire la suite MILITARIZED ARCHITECTURES ~ The American Geography of Incarceration ~


Street Art View

Red Bull has released a new project called "Street Art View". The project is an interactive Google map that showcases graffiti around the world from the comfort of your computer. Anyone (in theory) who come across street art on their way can tag it on the website and help build the collection...a nice tracking tool… Lire la suite Street Art View

Do you know who’s watching you ?

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