Shade Power

Umbrella Photovoltaic cells made from organic polymers, rather than crystalline silicon, could make solar power much cheaper. Last year Konarka, a startup based in Lowell, MA, opened a factory for such solar panels, which are flexible and produced in a process akin to printing. The first application of Konarka's potentially transformative technology? Umbrellas ! SkyShades,… Lire la suite Shade Power


New typologies : Yogurt containers (homage to the Bechers)

The playful, brilliant photography team and co-writers of the popular blog Mrs. Deane have launched another great personal project: Joghurtbecher. Here's what they have to say about this new work : "We're having fun with a new typologies series: joghurtbecher. It's a silly play on words in German - becher also means container -, but… Lire la suite New typologies : Yogurt containers (homage to the Bechers)

Kuala Lumpur featuring Graft Lab

Bird Island: Zero Energy Home in Kuala Lumpur Bird Island is a stunning urban renewal project that is currently being developed in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Designed by Graft Lab architects for the YTL Green Home Competition, the project comprises a zero energy home made of sustainably-sourced silicone glass fabric. Its lightness and flexibility will allow… Lire la suite Kuala Lumpur featuring Graft Lab