OBC#2 ~ Open Bidouille Camp / Fac Lab ~

Samedi 16 février, au FacLab de Gennevilliers ( Université de Cergy-Pontoise ) pour le premier anniversaire de ce repère de makers, avait lieu la deuxième édition de l'Open Bidouille Camp, grande fête de la débrouille inspirée des Maker Faire états-uniens. Au menu de la formule, des ateliers gratuits en veux-tu en voilà consacrés au DIY (Do It Yourself), recettes incluses.

WKT ~ The Express Rail Link ~

China : The Express Rail Link - West Kowloon Terminus, ( connecting Hong Kong to Guangzhou & Shenzhen ) when completed in 2015, will be the world’s largest underground high-speed rail station, occupying a huge 43 hectares  ! Designed by Andrew Bromberg of international architecture studio Aedas, the terminal will be prepared with 15 tracks for high-speed trains reaching… Lire la suite WKT ~ The Express Rail Link ~

Legoville ~ Botanique Urbaine ~

Cette semaine, je suis allé faire un petit tour à la bibliothèque... vous savez, cette structure en dur, accueillant des livres ! Bon je vais vous dire la vérité, je passe environ 40 heures par semaine dans une médiathèque mais je n'ai jamais le temps d'ouvrir un livre pour l'étudier et y noter (au crayon de… Lire la suite Legoville ~ Botanique Urbaine ~

~ DVDP ~

0_0 Attention les mirettes ! 0_0 dvdp.tumblr.com

Scraper Bike ~ Oakland ~

Born in the streets of Oakland, (SF, California) scraper bikes first gained attention as a trend in bicycle customization that spread with viral speed, thanks to YouTube. Since the Scraper Bike video debuted two years ago, they've become much more: a practical means of greening urban space, a social movement, and a rallying point for young people organizing against violence… Lire la suite Scraper Bike ~ Oakland ~

Battlefield-Ready Flying Car

The Pentagon's Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is seeking proposals for a Humvee that can fly over insurgents, conduct night raids or whisk injured soldiers away from the battlefield. Textron, the defense company, says it has the solution—and they have the sketches to prove it. Sure, the concept looks like a model car you might buy… Lire la suite Battlefield-Ready Flying Car

Street Kid Book Factory_Eloisa Cartonera

Eloisa Cartonera is an independent book publisher where Buenos Aires' that sells recycled, hand painted books written by some of Latin America's most dynamic young writers. VC2 producers Steven Tagle and Sarah Gilbert profile the publisher's founder as well as interview some of the young street kids who collect the cardboard and paint the books. Every… Lire la suite Street Kid Book Factory_Eloisa Cartonera