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Here’s some cool typography from NYC.
Source « NYC Type » (thanks to « AK47 »).

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Sacha Jenkins, graffiti writer (SHR), Author (“Piecebook: The Secret Drawings of Graffiti Writers”) & co-founder of ego trip magazine,  producer of the White Rapper Show, former editor of Mass Appeal, theater writer (Deez Nuts !) and Astoria resident, breaks down for Gasface a widely accepted story of the birth of Hip-hop from the other side of the Tri-Borough Bridge.
Here’s a new interview clip from the good folks at Media Gasface :

source : ARTE tv via Gasface

k-60_trio_metallicsNew Krink Metallic K-60 colors.
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Un petit souvenir du haut des tours jumelles de NY en 1999…j’ai scanné ici un tirage papier d’une photographie argentique un peu ‘cheap’ d’où l’aspect usé et les coins flous.

New York 1999

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