Cholo Writing ~ ITW with François Chastanet ~

Cholo writing is the style of graffiti used by Mexican gangs in Los Angeles. Unlike its bulbous comic counterpart on the East Coast, Cholo has roots in curiously formal calligraphic and black letter traditions. This unique typographic language has been documented in a new book, Cholo Writing: Latino Gang Graffiti in Los Angeles (Dokument Press), by François… Lire la suite Cholo Writing ~ ITW with François Chastanet ~

Street Fisher, archiviste de rue.

Dear readers and friends, It's time to refresh this blog with a bunch of stuff from the Street ! I don't know why I told you about geopolitics and food here, but I don't have the level to talk about these things in a language that is not mine ... (oui, je suis Français...) Unfortunately or fortunately, I have other skills that do not require many words to illustrate them. As "Street Archivist", I'll show you a little about what happens in the public arena in terms of photography, art, sport, architecture and vandalism. Here's the heart of a true "Street Fisher". Let's go surfing ! ^_^ {postscript: I'll let the old articles up for a while, but one day...… Lire la suite Street Fisher, archiviste de rue.

We start together

21 photographies des Yamakasi seront exposées le vendredi 25 juin pendant la conférence de presse du meeting international de l'art du déplacement. Exposition Ha Sayf_Présentation du Maire et rencontre avec les Yamakasi + déambulation et spectacle/demo dans la ville. Rens :

Karla Murray_Small American Towns

Karla Murray, born 1965 in Colorado Springs, Colorado. She has been painting since she was eight years old and was awarded a summer scholarship to the Bemis Fine Art Center. Her current series of work focuses primarily on the architectural elements as well as the culture of street scenes from small American towns. It is, as… Lire la suite Karla Murray_Small American Towns

Esprit Yamakasi_Sayf & Dj Mao_

Yamakasi est un nom d'origine africaine (Lingala) qui signifie : Homme fort, corps fort, esprit fort... Et c'est ce nom que les pionniers, à l’origine du mouvement ont choisi de donner à leur groupe. L'esprit Yamak représente l'essence du travail sur les valeurs qui a unit les fondateurs Yamakasi entre eux dans une même recherche… Lire la suite Esprit Yamakasi_Sayf & Dj Mao_

Dubaï sunset

The Dubaï Airshow_from orbit

The Dubai Airshow is the largest aerospace event in the Middle East and the fastest-growing airshow in the world. The GeoEye-1 satellite, which tirelessly photographs the world at half-meter resolution from its constant orbit, swung by the Dubai Airport the other day and took this snap of the Dubai Airshow, in progress this week. Click… Lire la suite The Dubaï Airshow_from orbit