Throwie by Kik /// GRL (Graffiti Research Lab) France ///

Le site industriel rue des Grands Mortiers est une friche culturelle occupée depuis 2001 par la Compagnie Off et le pOlau - pôle des arts urbains. En cours de réhabilitation, il sera inauguré en janvier 2015. Son nom, le Point H^UT, fait écho à sa tour de 22 mètres qui s'élèvera depuis le hangar central. Le 18 et 19 février 2014 a… Lire la suite Throwie by Kik /// GRL (Graffiti Research Lab) France ///


Yves Bélorgey

Depuis 1993, il peint le paysage urbain des grandes banlieues modernes (Post 1960) à partir de photographies qu'il réalise lors de ses voyages. Yves Bélorgey se focalise sur un problème de l’architecture fonctionnaliste qui, à partir de Le Corbusier et du Bauhaus, va s’universaliser pour aboutir à la constitution des grands ensembles résidentiels "révolutionnaires". ~ "C'était… Lire la suite Yves Bélorgey


In 1995 when I started doing graffiti, there were not many books and magazines & nothing on Internet to see what was happening. Since the beginning, I'm only interested by tags & throwies, the pieces are sometimes pretty cool but I don't always find the energy inside... The first fill'in that struck me was from… Lire la suite PRO ~ GT-VMD-UB ~

ESPO ~ First and Fifteenth ~

'Coup de Cœur' du mois ! Check out the latest updates on First and Fifteenth, a sort of graphic novel, pop art short stories, by Stephen Powers aka ESPO (Exterior Surface Painting Outreach) Featuring urban stuff (like signs & advertising) with funny words & characters from the ghetto. © Mark Surface International. All rights reserved. In 2009 with… Lire la suite ESPO ~ First and Fifteenth ~

Karla Murray_Small American Towns

Karla Murray, born 1965 in Colorado Springs, Colorado. She has been painting since she was eight years old and was awarded a summer scholarship to the Bemis Fine Art Center. Her current series of work focuses primarily on the architectural elements as well as the culture of street scenes from small American towns. It is, as… Lire la suite Karla Murray_Small American Towns

The Radiant Child

Synopsis : In his short career, Jean-Michel Basquiat was a phenomenon. He became notorious for his graffiti art under the moniker Samo in the late 1970s on the Lower East Side scene, sold his first painting to Deborah Harry for $200, and became best friends with Andy Warhol. Appreciated by both the art cognoscenti and… Lire la suite The Radiant Child

The Rain Tunnel, North Babylon, Long Island, N.Y.