In 1995 when I started doing graffiti, there were not many books and magazines & nothing on Internet to see what was happening.
Since the beginning, I’m only interested by tags & throwies, the pieces are sometimes pretty cool but I don’t always find the energy inside…
The first fill’in that struck me was from USA ( Iz, Cap, Ghost, Quick, Reas, Espo, Chino, Cope 2, JonOne, Veefer, Oze…)
But in 1997, some french magazines & fanzines began to include photographs of painted walls providing an overview of the Europe style and made an effort to give us the right thing about « hardcore » graffiti, which was popular among French writers of our generation.
When I discover the stuff of GT, UV & VMD crew, I felt less alone in my delusions and thought to myself  :
 » This is it ! There are guys in France who have some good taste ! « 

« Pro » is one of the best writer of our generation.
Parisian born in 1976, influenced by American comics, science fiction and horror movies, painting pieces in a retro-futuristic style with Egyptian symbols and secret societies signs + post-apocalyptic scenery…

« Pro » foremost for me a pioneer in France in terms of fluidity of the line.
This week I talked with him about our first met in 2001 and I thought it would be an opportunity to make a post with some recent photographs.
Even if I present some paintings and sketches of his own (which are crazy too) I want you to remember this typical flow of a throw-up master !


2 réflexions sur « PRO ~ GT-VMD-UB ~ »

  1. Yo man, cool cool cette update ! Juste un truc, mets tes lien en bas de page en target= »_blank » , ça ouvre nouvelle onglet qd tu clic dessus, du coup on pert pas le fil sur ton blog :)

    A plus la famille.


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