Plastic Man

Warming up helps your body prepare itself for training both mentally and physically, and reduces the chance of injury. The aims of stretching are to gently lengthen muscles before and after any form of exercise, and to improve tissue elasticity / flexibility. If done correctly, stretching will help prevent injuries and increase athletic performance.

Enjoy this 8 key steps !
_Begin with gradual mobility exercises of all the joints (natural lubrification with synovial fluid).
_Warm up the body prior to stretching (increases blood flow and makes the muscles more supple).
_Slowly bring your heart rate down before you begin stretching (take your time bro).
_Ok, start with your legs, and work up the body, in order not to miss out any of the stretches.
_Feel some slight discomfort, if you don’t feel anything, then you may be doing the stretch incorrectly.
_Hold each stretch for a minimum of 15 seconds.
_Breathing slowly, regulary and rhythmically (do not hold your breath tomato head).
_Stop immediately if you feel any severe pain, Plastic Man.

Mission : 10 minutes for warm-up and 20 minutes for stretching.
Yes brother ! 30 minutes to be ready.
During cold weather make sure you spend more time warming up.

Perform this sequence of stretches only after you have warmed up the muscles.


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