$pidey_Mou$e trapped !


It is a dark day in comic book history, Marvel has officially been bought out by Disney in a 4 billion dollar deal that has turned the franchise over to the Walt Disney Empire.

Marvel Sold the soul of their company for economic gain, what does this mean for the future of comics ?
The two companies are so different in ideals and content, Disney isn’t known for it’s hard-hitting, deeply rooted story lines and intense characters.
Instead it is most notably associated to lovable cuddly characters and the happiest place on earth, they are too inhibited by their corporate binds that will keep this sense of carnage brought by Marvel down with it.

Stan Lee thinks it’s just great
“I couldn’t be happier with this agreement. It’s a great move for Disney, for Marvel and for my company Pow! Entertainment since Pow! has a first-look deal with Disney. From every possible point of view, the merger of Disney and Marvel is a match made in heaven. Just imagine, with this deal Marvel gives Disney a library of literally hundreds of unique and colorful characters that have the potential to make great, high-concept movies and long-lasting franchises — and nobody knows how to play in that ball park better than Disney. This is a great day for the two companies and for the entertainment community as a whole. To sum it up as simply as possible, when you combine the best with the best, everyone wins!”

On November 17, 2008, Stan Lee was awarded the National Medal of Arts…

3 réflexions sur « $pidey_Mou$e trapped ! »

    1. C’est une opération kamikaze de la part de Marvel, pourvu que la masse des geeks se mettent à boycotter leurs prochaines prods.
      Affaire à suivre…à commencer par la sortie du Spiderman 4.
      Les fans vont pirater pour de bon ce coup çi…


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