UFC 102_Nogueira vs Couture

UFC 102


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  1. And the winner is…El Minotauro !

    The outcome was never in doubt after the 3rdRound came to an end on Saturday night.
    Couture himself admitted as much saying, “I didn’t think I won the decision. I’m pretty rational about the performance, I thought he won all three rounds. I mean he knocked me on my keester in at least two of the rounds and he had mount a couple times. He definitely won the fight.”

    Regardless of how professional a fighter may be, it’s rare that you have a top-flight fighter admitting that not only did he lose the fight, but that he didn’t even win a round.

    Nogueira also pointed to people calling him old as another motivating factor to prove that his TKO loss to Frank Mir at UFC 92 was a fluke.

    “For most of the people who say that you don’t (have anything left), you can come back and (prove) that you’re still in the game and make a good fight. That’s what I did (tonight),” Nogueira told the media at the UFC 102 post-fight press conference.

    “I worked a lot, I worked the most than I ever did in my life for this fight,” Nogueira said following the fight.

  2. Parce que la puissance n’est plus d’actualité, je dirai : clé de minotauro, comme pour cro cop !
    (si tu veut passer a paris c’est open chez nous cette semaine et l’autre)

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