New typologies : Yogurt containers (homage to the Bechers)

Beierle & Keijser

The playful, brilliant photography team and co-writers of the popular blog Mrs. Deane have launched another great personal project: Joghurtbecher.

Beierle & Keijser 2

Here’s what they have to say about this new work :
« We’re having fun with a new typologies series: joghurtbecher. It’s a silly play on words in German – becher also means container -, but we simply could not resist. We’ll be scouring the shops to find all the available sizes and shapes for what promises to be a growing hommage to Bernd and Hilla Becher. It has become almost impossible to still be making typologies with a straight face in the presence of their legacy, and you cannot expect the viewer to simply ignore noticing their influence. »

Beierle & Keijser 3

« Taking a somewhat more lighthearted and less earnest approach often helps. The joghurtbecher typology acknowledges this fact, but also takes its clue from the consequences of the dominance of the Becher surname. For instance, if someone unable to read would be presented with the results of a Google image search for the word ‘becher’, he might come to believe the word means approximately tower-like building, judging by the number and kind of images produced by the query. The meaning ‘cup, container’ would be utterly lost upon such a person – and another semantic shift would have happened, creating myriads of possible misinterpretations in the distant future when German will be as dead a language as ancient Chinese. »

Beierle & Keijser 4



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